Elephant Print bag with black and white elephants and red bird motif.
Elephant print tote bag with black background, black and white elephants, red bird and red strap.
Yellow tote back with black and white elephants, and a little red bird motif, and red handles.
Elephant Tote Bags from Jai Vakeel Foundation
Elephant Tote Bags from Jai Vakeel Foundation

Elephant Tote Bags from Jai Vakeel Foundation

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The Jai Vakeel Foundation is the largest and oldest non-profit in India serving children with special intellectual and developmental needs. Their approach is holistic: they aim to integrate their students into mainstream society by providing them with healthcare, education, skill development and support services.

Students are supported in all spheres of their lives, from helping them perform the basic day to day activities like feeding, sitting, walking, going to the toilet, learning to read and write to even obtaining employment.

These elephant-print totes are made in a craft workshop for intellectually challenged young adults.

Machine wash cold, and tumble dry or line dry.

As each piece is hand-worked, colours and sizing may vary slightly from what is pictured here.

We are starting with a small stock of crafts from this foundation; please contact us if you'd like to order more quantities.

Handcrafted with extra care, in India.