Chai, the Experience of Indian Tea by Rekha Sarin and Rajan Kapoor. Front cover with tea pot overlayed with a map of India. ISBN-10: 9381523916 ISBN-13: 978-9381523919

Chai by Rekha Sarin

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This is a wonderful book, with rich photographs of hill stations where tea is cultivated. A visual treat of a coffee-table book!

Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea is a journey into the heartlands of tea production, in India. It offers a glimpse into the history and culture of the people who cultivate tea, the process of growing it, the traditions and the ceremonies surrounding it. A journey from leaf to cup.

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Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea by Rekha Sarin and Rajan Kapoor
Published by Niyogi Books
Hardcover; 284 pages, 10" x 12.5"
ISBN-10: 9381523916
ISBN-13: 978-9381523919