With Love & Butter, An Island Cookbook and Memoir, Favorite Recipes from Holly B's Bakery on Lopez Island, by Holly Bower with Sarah Eppenback. Front cover. ISBN-10: 0615119190 ISBN-13: 978-0615119199

With Love & Butter by Holly B

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Visiting Holly B's Bakery while camping in the San Juan Islands was a staple tradition in my husband's family that I quickly adopted. We'd stop in early for coffee and breakfast, as the bakery goods would invariably sell out by mid-morning. It was an impossible task to decide what to get, as one wanted to get one of everything!

Here is Holly B's very own cookbook, a memoir and a brief history of Lopez Island!

With Love and Butter tells the story of how Holly Bower and her husband came to fulfill their dream of opening a country bakery, and the history of Lopez Island.

Holly generously allows you into her kitchen and home, describing family life, the close community of small island living, and of course, her fabulous recipes that were the staple of her bakery for 39 years.

Delightfully rich images of Lopez life and kitchen moments are revealed in the block prints of Diana Luhn Bower. Beautifully edited by Sarah Eppenbach.

Our copy of the book falls open on the Granola recipe page. Unbeatable recipe for the best granola ever!


With Love and Butter: Favorite Recipes from Holly B's Bakery on Lopez Island : An Island Cookbook and Memoir by Holly Bower with Sarah Eppenbach
Hummel Lake Press
143 pages, 9" x 12"
ISBN-10: 0615119190
ISBN-13: 978-0615119199