Alpaca Scarves
Alpaca Scarves

Alpaca Scarves

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Luxurious scarves, made of 100% baby alpaca fiber, these scarves are warmer than wool, super soft, lightweight, and durable.

The wool gathered from the first shearing; baby alpaca is the finest, softest, and most coveted grade of alpaca fiber. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, it is gentle to the touch, giving warmth and luxury that is pure, practical indulgence.

No itch! Cashmere soft!

Alpaca is quickly becoming one of the world’s most renowned sustainable & eco-friendly fibers. The alpacas are sheared once a year in Spring and the fiber is spun into yarn. Superior to wool, alpaca fiber is extremely soft, light-weight, and amazingly warm with its naturally insulating core. It does not contain lanolin, making it hypoallergenic … the perfect combination for cold weather accessories!

100% baby alpaca wool. Dry clean only.

Handwoven in Peru.