Common Ground, a book by Christopher Briscoe. ISBN-10: 0989940438 ISBN-13: 978-0989940436
Christopher Briscoe, photojournalist and author, in Ukraine.

Common Ground by Christopher Briscoe

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A poignant book by photojournalist and author Christopher Briscoe that explores the commonality of our human condition.

Chris leads his readers on his journey into the jungles of Cambodia, the Killing Fields, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Chris takes with him a tiny HP photo-printer that he uses to gift refugees surviving in a city dump, with their first family portraits.

Along the way, Chris introduces readers to the passionate founders of Project Enlighten, a non-profit that helps victims impacted by war and poverty with scholarships and other educational opportunities.

Another stand-out in this book is the story of Sao, a Cambodian, whose parents were executed by Pol Pot when Sao was a young boy. Read this inspirational book to learn why Sao is one of the happiest people Christopher met.

Christopher Briscoe is a photojournalist with a talent for finding interesting stories no matter where he is -- from his dicey visit to Death Row in Oregon to his photo-essay books on New Orleans, Ethiopia and India. More recently, his work has tackled the war-torn country of Ukraine.

In his latest book, The Child on the Train, Chris travels throughout Ukraine, often taking treacherous paths to uncover the stories of everyday people struggling to survive the Russian invasion.


Common Ground by Christopher Briscoe
Shifting Gears Publications
118 pages;  11" x 8.5"
ISBN-10: 0989940438
ISBN-13: 978-0989940436