Connections: Everyone Has a Story to Tell  By Christopher Briscoe Front Cover with a portrait of a cowboy. ISBN-10: 0989940462 ISBN-13: 978-0989940467
Connections: Everyone Has a Story to Tell  By Christopher Briscoe Back Cover with endorsement by Kirk Douglas. ISBN-10: 0989940462 ISBN-13: 978-0989940467

Connections by Christopher Briscoe

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Connections: Everyone Has a Story to Tell 
By Christopher Briscoe

This book celebrates the universal search for meaning—how we pursue our passions on our way to solving the puzzle of who we are. 

Connections takes readers into the thick blue smoke of a forge where a bearded blacksmith hammers red-hot iron into artwork. It introduces them to a young man, long overdue for a bath, who is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in order to find himself. 

Connections is about love, collaboration and giving purpose to our lives. Our DNA has wired us to seek relationships. Deny anyone contact and it’s the surest way to destroy them. It is the genius of nature’s nectar — her design to ensure the survival of our species. 

As Chris says, “My connection with others often occurs when I take their portraits. I photograph people to celebrate them as pieces of art. My camera gives me access to a unique intimacy. An effective portrait is a mover of emotions that brings us closer and I’m honored to be able to contribute to that.”

Christopher Briscoe's photographs have been published around the world in The London Times, People Magazine, Time Magazine, and Paris Match. His work has also been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, and Oprah. Chris’s work uncovers the common thread that binds us all—from a visit to Death Row, to Bourbon Street, and through the alleyways of Bangkok. His photos dig deep to unearth the vital story behind each face and landscape. He has photographed cultural icons from the likes of President Mikhail Gorbachev to producer-director Steven Spielberg, actor Michael Douglas, and many others. Christopher lives in Ashland, Oregon.

In his latest book, The Child on the Train, Chris travels throughout Ukraine, often taking treacherous paths to uncover the stories of everyday people struggling to survive the Russian invasion.


Connections: Everyone Has a Story to Tell  by Christopher Briscoe
Shifting Gears Publications
210 pages;  8" x 10"
ISBN-10: 0989940462
ISBN-13: 978-0989940467