A group of hand-loomed duster sets, made by the Jai Vakeel Foundation in India.
Jai Vakeel Foundation sticker
Detail of the hand-loomed fabric.
Detail of the hand-loomed unbleached cotton fabric.
Handloomed Dusters
Handloomed Dusters

Handloomed Dusters

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The Jai Vakeel Foundation is the largest and oldest non-profit in India serving children with special intellectual and developmental needs. Their approach is holistic: they aim to integrate their students into mainstream society by providing them with healthcare, education, skill development and support services.

Students are supported in all spheres of their lives, from helping them perform the basic day to day activities like feeding, sitting, walking, going to the toilet, learning to read and write to even obtaining employment.

These hand-loomed all-purpose dusters and clean-cloths are durable and absorbent. In India we use them daily for mopping floors, or cleaning cars. At home I have a stack of them on hand within quick reach for spills or dusting.

You can wash them in hot water in the washing machine and then throw them in the dryer. They become more absorbent with each wash, and last for years.

100% Cotton, unbleached.

There are TWO dusters in each bundle.

Handcrafted with extra care, in India.