Maniya Bracelet Anklet Collection
Sushila embroidering a gudri blanket
Sushila's home
Sushila's sister in law wearing a necklace Sushila made
Maniya Bracelet Anklet Lemon center wiht  Turquoise edging
Maniya Bracelet Anklet Red center with  Green edging
Maniya Bracelet Anklet Red center with Turquoise edging
Maniya Bracelet Anklet Red center with Turquoise edging Style 2
Maniya Bracelet Anklet Turquoise center with White edging
Maniya Bracelet Anklet Turquoise Center with Orange Edging
Maniya Bracelet Anklet Orange Center with White Edging
Maniya Bracelet Anklet Collection
Maniya ~ Anklets & Bracelets

Maniya ~ Anklets & Bracelets

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Handcrafted by Sushila.

A maniya is a bead. The Kalbeliya community of the Thar desert in Rajasthan traditionally used beads as money, talismans and for adornment. This legacy lives on through Sushila's exquisitely intricate jewelry.

When beading the jewelry, Sushila does not use a needle. Instead she uses a traditional method of twisting the thread to thread each bead! You can see this in the video.

The beading is worked vertically  The necklaces, for instance, 40 strands are beaded vertically to create the piece.

Here is a selection of beadwork that can be worn as an anklet or a bracelet. These make for a wonderful gift for any occasion. Each comes in its own cotton pouch, and is accompanied by a card describing this work.

In the images below:
- Sushila embroidering a gudri (blanket).
- Her home. 
- Video of Sushila beading.
- Her sister-in-law wearing a necklace Sushila made.

Photography by Shefali Martins.

100% of the proceeds of the sale of these pieces goes to Sushila.

Handmade in India.