The Child on the Train and other Stories in War-Torn Ukraine, by Christopher Briscoe, paperback. ISBN-10: 1733958495 ISBN-13: 978-1733958493
Back cover of The Child on the Train book by Christopher Briscoe, paperback, ISBN-10: 1733958495 ISBN-13: 978-1733958493
Christopher Briscoe, photographer and author.

The Child on the Train by Christopher Briscoe

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A long-awaited book, and one we are honoured to carry at Hill Station.

When the war in Ukraine broke out, our dear friend Christopher Briscoe went over with a team of volunteer doctors, first to Poland, to cover stories of the refugees there. Then he went into war-torn Ukraine, capturing people's narratives of their bravery, sacrifice, and resilience in face of adversity, as they give their all to defend the country they love.

In the foreword to the book, David Khorram, MD writes, "Chris’ stories and photos, whether of fighting blindness in the Horn of Africa, or of a war in the Heart of Europe, highlight the dignity we all possess, the connection we all have, and touch our hearts with the reality of our oneness that spurs us on to go and build a better world."

I highly recommend this book. From the compelling cover onwards, each page is a precious chronicling of this history unfolding in our times.


The Child on the Train by Christopher Briscoe
Shifting Gears Publications
132 pages;  8" x 10"
ISBN-10: 1733958495
ISBN-13: 978-1733958493